ODDS: Twins Become Fathers Same Day like Last Year’s Twin Moms

We have another case of Twins beating the odds. 
This round 21-year old twin brothers Jeromme and Jarrell Spence welcomed sons within hours of each other, at the same hospital, delivered by the same midwife.
And interestingly enough Jeromme’s partner Tegan Compton and Jarrell’s partner, Francesca Ashe, are both 19-years old and were both due two days after the babies actually arrived at the Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton in the UK. 
Bookmakers said the odds of that occurring are at least “150,000 to 1.”
Last year, it happened sort of, twice, but with twin moms, and within 6 months of each other.  
When they too were 19-years old, twins Aimee Nelson and Ashlee Nelson, gave birth to baby boys in Akron, Ohio.  Their sons Aiden Dilts and Donavyn Bratten, respectively, were born just two hours apart, one on December 31st and the other New Year’s Day.
That summer, 6-months earlier, identical twin sisters Shaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell gave birth only one hour apart on July 24 in Columbia, South Carolina. 
And here’s the kicker, one twin birthed her own set of twins.

Talk about beating the odds!

photo: courtesy Smith Davies Press, Daily Mirror, Akron Beach Journal,

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