10 ocassions when it’s fine to use “Because I said so” as an anwer

Didn’t you used to get annoyed with your folks when you asked them a question as a kid and they responded with “Because I said so”?  These days, the experts will make you feel guilty for brushing off your kid or kids with that excuse, but you know what? There are times when saying “Because I said so” are perfectly appropriate! Nannyjobs.orgs had a funny listing: 

  1. When your kid asks why they can’t go swimming in the winter: It’s fine to say something like that it’s too cold or that they would catch a cold, but if they continue to say why then you need to use, “Because I said so, that’s why!”
  2. When the reason to their question is too complicated to explain: Why do I have to wash my hands before dinner?  Your kid is 3 so it probably isn’t going to work to try to explain that germs are bad and by washing they will get rid of most of the germs, but not all of the germs.  Your little one isn’t going to understand the real answer so just tell them because you said so.
  3. When you don’t know the answer: This is the best time to use the statement, “Because I said so, that’s why!”  Your child asks why they have to wash their hands after they sneeze.  You say, because there are germs on your hands and you could make other kids sick.  Why?  I don’t know won’t really cut it at that point.  Just tell them because you said so.
  4. When you don’t want to explain: Your son wants to know why he can’t get an earring or your daughter wants to know why she can’t have the micro mini skirt.  There probably is a good reason that you don’t want them to do those things, but do you really want to explain it?  Just tell them because you said so!
  5. When they don’t want to wear their helmet on their bike: Mommy I don’t want to wear my helmet, it will mess up my hair.  Why do I have to?  Or Daddy, why do I have to wear a helmet when I’m on my bike, none of the other guys do?  Kids think they are invincible and won’t understand so just tell them because you said so.

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