8 Values from MLK to share with your kids

Tomorrow is holiday to celebrate the birth and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but for many kids, it’s just another excuse to have a day off. If you are a parent and want to use the day off to share some information about the assassinated Civil Rights Leader and transformative figure,consider passing along these 8 values we extracted from FamilyEducation.com:

Equality:  Treat all people the way you want to be treated — with kindness and fairness. Think about how we all are different from each other in some ways, but we are the same in so many ways: Inside we all have feelings and deserve to be happy.

Faith: Believe in yourself and your goals and dreams. Don’t give up or let worry take over when something gets difficult.

Nonviolence: Solve conflicts peacefully, without ever hitting or hurting someone. When you feel angry or upset, express your feelings in words and talk about what you need to make things better.

Education: Work hard in school, and find subjects you are passionate about. Find books that interest you to make reading a part of your life.

Love: When someone treats you poorly, try to treat them well in return. Use your energy to love yourself and help others.

Leadership: Be a leader in a club, on a sports team, or in the classroom. Feel confident in yourself, show good sportsmanship, and help your peers work out conflicts.

Selflessness: Volunteer to help a charity. Invite friends and relatives to come and volunteer with you.

Hope: Think of others throughout history who endured hard times. Even if challenges slow you down, don’t give up.

Read more on the back story that inspired these values Here.

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