Lorenzo Lamas’ wife is pregnant with his grandchild

See when your family dynamics is set up so that you and your stepmom and your pops can hang socially, when you encounter struggles carrying your second child, you maybe can ask your dad’s young 5th wife to carry your baby. 
And that is precisely what happened in Lorenzo Lamas’ celebrity family recently.

Shayna Lamas, who won the 12th season of The Bachelor and was briefly engaged to Brit Bachelor Matt Grant in 2008 before a split, is expecting her second child.  
She and husband Nick Richie suffered a devastating late term loss last February 2014 due to a uterine rupture when Shayna was 20 weeks along. The trauma left the Leave it to Lamas and General Hospital alum unable to carry any more children physically. That is when she asked and her step mom Shawna Craig agreed to carry the baby, a boy, for her. 
Nick Richie, Shayna Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas and Shawna Craid in 2011 – Getty
“It is weird. Somebody else carrying your baby is weird,” Shayne told CLOSER . “But I lost my son, and now Shawna is carrying my son. I have just been given the biggest blessing in the whole world and I will always be grateful.”
It’s also unique because Lamas’ wife is carrying his grandchild. Wonderful that the family could grown in this way. Very special indeed.
Shayna and Richie currently have a 3-year old  daughter, Press Dahl. Read more in Closer which has hit the news stands. 

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