I call BS on new study suggesting doting parents create narcissistic adults

So, this morning, I have seen many summaries, reports and reiterations of this new study which says helicopter parents layering too much praise on their children will lead to the unleashing of a new generation of narcissistic adults
“The Ohio State University suggests that constant – and perhaps undue – praise for our kids’ tiniest accomplishments, or non-accomplishments, may have the unintended side-effect of creating an over-inflated ego,” Forbes online summarizes.
In other words, telling Johnny too much that he is special is turning him into an egotistical monster that cannot be tolerated when he grows up.
So, the message is to tell your kid he or she is NOT that special after all?
You can read more about the study here but I’m calling BS on this one. 
I do NOT think we have a culture where parents are affirming their children and praising and uplifting their children’s natural abilities enough. Rather, it is my opinion from casual observance of parents in my circle and from studying interactions among parents I see everyday that the opposite is occurring.
I see parents comparing their children to other children, demanding more and more from them or not demanding enough and/or simply just accepting their child as they are, faults and all and going with the flow, but not necessarily telling them they are better than other children. 
I also note that this generation has pressures that are different that perhaps is the true contributor to narcissism in some youth today. 
To me, there seems to be a concerted effort to pinpoint where all the cocky narcissism is coming from in young people in Generation Y and Z today and this study wants us to believe it came from parents.  
I think it comes from our social media culture that enables children to be elevated to celebrity status among their friends and followers nationwide, and gives them them the similar type of ego boost that celebrities get from their hero-worshiping fans. Just my thoughts.
Nice try though. What do you think?

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