Model’s 8-month pregnant bump stirs controversy

It looks like social media is going to contribute to more and more of these pregorexia claims and stories. 

This is like the nth time a super svelte pregnant or very new mom showing off her body in social media has caused a lot of ruckus in the blogsphere. 
This time, lingerie model Sarah Stage’s babybump is the source of ire among onlookers to her Instagram page full of pics in bra and bikini underwear at 8 months pregnant. 
Stage, who says she has always kept a very athletic lifestyle before & during pregnancy and eats healthy, is being accused of starving her baby for looking as trim as she does at 8-months pregnant.
Both People and E! Online wrote about the backlash. 
Much of the same reaction as past times…Head on over and read the comments to those stories. 

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