Online retailer to sell baby bottles resembling a beer bottle

An online novelty gift company is set to release a baby bottle designed like a beer bottle. It is alarming child advocacy organizations.
Perpetual Kid revealed that starting next month, it will begin selling the Chill, Baby Lil Lager Baby Bottle for $11.99. The company says it is marketing a “hilarious” way to take nursing “to a new level.”
Some consider it funny but others like director of  the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism find it alarming.
“While a baby probably would not make the association between the baby bottle and beer bottles, older children in the house might, so we would argue that this could be an indirect promotion of underage drinking,” George F. Koob wrote to USA TODAY in an e-mail.
Your thoughts? Innocent fun or dangerous prop that sends wrong message?

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