How Facebook’s new ‘Baby Scrapook’ feature works

Facebook recently launched its new scrapbook feature for parents to allow them to chronicle their baby’s life on the popular online social network site. 
Parents create a profile for their child then link themselves with that profile. They can then tag their child in images and store those photos in a private album that only the parents or anyone they allow access to view it like grandparents, aunts, relatives and close friends. 
The creator of the feature said he came up with the idea when he noticed that a lot of parents were uploading photos of their newborns and children and using Facebook to organize memories anyway. 
The company is working on a future way to then authorize the child to have his “baby scrapbook” when he reaches age 13 and is able to have a Facebook account. 
“Scrapbook serves as a handy tool for amassing all those baby photos and storing them in a dedicated, easy-to-access place on Facebook,” the site says in this video about the new function.


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