Mom of 12 boys gives birth to 13th son

A Michigan couple with 12 sons just can’t seem to make a baby girl. Jay Schwandt and his wife Kateri welcomed their 13th son yesterday, Wednesday, May 13th of all days of the month. Kateri was four days overdue so it’s like this kid wanted to arrive on lucky number 13. Last year, when the two were in the news, they told reporters that they have a tradition of not finding out the gender in advance. “Ok, so the boys know now!” the 40-year-old father said in a post on Facebook. “It’s a BOY! Now we need to choose a name! BLESSED beyond belief!”Kateri said she didn’t mind having another son but Jay admitted he was looking forward to a girl this time.  “My thoughts are it’s probably going to be a boy,” Jay told The Grand Rapids Press before the baby arrived. “But if I could put my order in, I would root for a girl.”I’ve done all the boy stuff. I’d just like to experience it from the other side once.”Their 12 older boys range in age from almost 2 to 22 years old.The odds of giving birth to 12 boys in a row is .02 percent, a genetics expert old The Grand Rapids Press.

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