Why British Parents Are Accusing PayPal of Ruining Christmas for Kids

daily mail

Parents in the UK are accusing PayPal of ruining Christmas for their kids.

During last week’s airing of the TV talent competition XFactor, a commercial for the online payment system broadcast which promoted PayPal’s role in easing the shopping experience.

In the commercial, two little brothers are discussing the fact their parents haven’t been doing much shopping this year and fearing that it means they won’t be getting any presents for Christmas. It alludes to the fact that the parents are Santa Claus (or Father Christmas as they call him over the pond) and these kids know it already.

The commercial ends, “Check out before they know it.” That is because with Paypal the parents won’t need to do any actual shopping in retail stores but can shop online and check out using PayPal.

In reaction to the outcry, PayPal took down the ad but not before it could be grabbed by the Daily Mail  which also captured some of the most heated angry tweets from parents.

Check out the commercial for yourself here:

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