Actress sues Manhattan doctor for Multiple Misdiagnoses and her temporary Fertlity loss



An actress and part-time teacher is suing a Manhattan gynecologist for $50 million after the doctor misdiagnosed her multiple times, leaving her incapable of having children, court papers say.

When 44-year Mihaela Mihut arrived at Kips Bay Gynecology, in 2012, the Romania-born actress was profusely bleeding, had severe pelvic pain, and lethargy. 

A doctor there, Dr. Neema Agarwala, who claims to specialize in pelvic pain and fertility conditions such as endometriosis, allegedly told Mihut her pain was due to ovarian cysts 

According to court documents, Agarwala recommended that Mimhut get a hysterectomy which would involve the removal of her ovaries, uterus, cervix and part of the vagina, the suit claims.

 Mihut declined but was then recommended by Agarwala that she undergo radiation to reduce the cysts, the lawsuit continues. 

After the treatment and Minhut was still in pain, she returned to Agarwala only to be told to give the treatment time to work and then finally told later that she was pregnant.

When Minhut went into a follow up tests, Minhut alleges Agarwala then told her that she was not pregnant but instead had ovarian cancer and that what she thought was a baby was actually a tumor growing in her womb! 

Finally, taking the advice of her sister who is also a doctor but not a gynecologist, Mihut went to another facility where she learned she had an ecoptic pregnancy.

She would have to terminate it and wait an additional two years to get pregnant again while the extensive radiation worked itself out of Mihut’s body. 

By that time, Mihut will be 46 and her chances to conceive again would be even harder.

Mihut later learned that Agarwala’s license to practice medicine was revoked then reinstalled in Nebraska earlier and she was subject to another lawsuit from a 2007 claim for malpractice.

‘The loss to Ms. Mihut is incalculable, and her pain indescribable,’ Mihut’s lawyer Thomas Mullaney said in a complaint filed to Manhattan Supreme Court.

‘No words can capture the despair to a woman of being stripped of her ability to bear children. And no excuse can correct it.’

He adds: ‘To say she was misdiagnosed by would be a massive understatement.’

h/t Daily Mail

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