Essential Items Every New Mommy Should Put on Her Baby Shower Registry

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Walk into any baby store, and you might get overwhelmed at the plethora of items to choose from. As you browse for a stroller, car seat, high chair, bassinet, crib, dressing table and other baby accessories, you just may break into a sweat and leave — only to return later, once you have done a little research. And that’s a good idea. Read reviews, check recall lists and ask your friends and family for recommendations before you begin choosing items for your registry. Start your list off right with these four must-haves.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling your newborn not only makes her feel comfortable and cozy, it can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Research has proven lower instances of SIDS when baby is swaddled and placed on her back. Swaddling helps control baby’s Moro reflex and helps reduce awakenings caused by the startle reflex. To learn more about safe sleep, visit SwaddleDesigns.com.

Creating a safe sleep environment for babies is essential when setting up your nursery. For the first three months, baby’s crib should be outfitted simply with a tight fitted crib sheet. No loose blankets, pillows, toys or stuffed animals should be in the crib or bassinet. A fitted sheet and a swaddled, back-sleeping baby are a recipe for safer and more restful sleep for everyone in the house. Be sure to get swaddles that are large enough and made from high quality fabric. SwaddleDesigns swaddles have handy swaddling instructions sewn right into the seam for easy reference.

A Bedside Bassinet

The AAP discourages infants from sleeping in the same bed as their parents, because the practice poses a higher risk for SIDS and increases the risk of suffocation. If you want your baby close, instead opt for an in-room, free-standing bedside bassinet that is close to your bed.

With exceptional ventilation and adjustable legs, the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper tops the list of reviewed co-sleeper bassinets. The side of the sleeper folds down, giving mom easy access to baby at any hour of the night. Room-sleeping products are designed to be used from the first night home until about five months of age.

A High Chair with Longevity

When you have a baby, you’ll finally realize why other moms say, “They grow up so fast.” It’s important to get items that grow with your child. Keep your kid seated safely from six months to six years with an adjustable high chair.

Convertible high chairs adjust to your child’s growth, eliminating the need to purchase another chair or booster seat in the future. Be sure the chair you put on your registry has a safety harness, an easily removable tray, seat covers you can wipe clean, something that fits your dining space and one that complies with ASTM safety standards.

Parents.com suggests the modern, minimalist HiLo chair by AGE Designbecause it has handy pull-out side buttons allowing you to easily flip the high chair with a tray and straps to a flat chair that slides under the table so your growing little one can sit with the family at dinner.

Babyproofing Gear

Some of the most important shower gifts are the baby safety products that you’ll need to protect baby from your home. Register for items like baby gates, lower cabinet and drawer locks, safety locks, corner guards and edge bumpers for furniture with sharp edges like coffee tables and raised fireplaces.

You may put off baby proofing your home until baby gets to the point where she can move around on her own, but you’ll find that comes before you know it. It’s best to create a safe environment before she arrives.

Due to the large amount of preparation that having a baby entails, many new parents overlook some key items that should be added to the baby registry. Add these four baby shower must-haves to your registry list to be that much more prepared.

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