National Breastfeeding Week: Saluting Women Who Donate Breastmilk after Neonatal Loss

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The Milk Bank Donor Coordinator Laura Duncan and her late son Michael. She donated breast milk after he passed away in honor of his memory and to help other premature infants.

For World Breastfeeding Week, we also want to recognize all those moms who donate their liquid gold to orphans, preemies and to  moms who cannot breastfeed because they are ill and for other reasons. Thank you!

And we especially want to thank those who have had late term losses or lost their premature babies and donate for others.

People like Laura Duncan, who is the Donor Coordinator at Indiana-based nonprofit The Milk Bank,  donated breast milk after she lost her premature son, Michael (pictured above).

“After my son, Michael, passed away, I was left with milk that he would never use,” Duncan writes on the site’s page reaching out to women who have had recent losses. “Donating my milk to The Milk Bank in his memory, allowed me to heal and provided comfort knowing that other babies’ lives could be saved by receiving this gift of ‘liquid gold’.”

Other donors expressed a similar sentiment.

“Donating filled my heart with such excitement and joy because I knew I was helping these fragile little preemies in honor of my sweet son,” Sheri Rukavina wrote on donating after the loss of her son.

The Milk Bank also has joined corporations like IBM and Nestle that are making big changes to improve working conditions for breastfeeding mothers, and therefore offering private breastfeeding rooms, flexible working hours and the ability to bring children to the office.

Good stuff!

photo courtesy: The Milk Bank


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