The Porsche of Strollers, No really, Porsche made a stroller 

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Designer David Dawod created a stroller for Porche called The Porsche Design P’491- The Ultimate Porsche baby stroller for men.

David answered the call to create a stroller that a man wouldn’t mind pushing. Dawod wrote in his portfolio about the design that he wanted to “erase” the stereotypical female-centered notion of parenthood and emasculate it a bit.

“It was desired that the product could erase our view of parenting,” he wrote. “Why is it that in most cases only women take their children out on a trip to the park?”

porsche stroller bellyitchblog.com

The target market for the stroller: Male, over 35, with high income, with a wife, child and another on the way, who lives in a capital city, is highly educated, and is a CEO or some other executive and needs a new stroller for his newborn

Dawod said he spent a lot of energy “creating kinematic and ergonomic solutions for storing and adjusting the stroller.”

The final product is an exquisite, luxurious, durable stroller that is a blend carbon fiber, aluminum, and leather with ball-bearing wheels. It folds neatly to fit into the trunk of any Porche! 

porsche stroller bellyitchblog.com

This puppy, designed for a child from age 0 to 4 years of age to grow with the baby.

We are not sure if they were mass produced for commercial purchase.


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