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There are different ways to get your baby in shape after having a baby.

Once the doctor gives the okay, many new moms take to running, swimming, heading to the gym and doing exercise DVDs to get back in shape. While doing it, some choose to wear body shapers to help ease them back to pre-pregnancy shape and help contour their waist size. Others swear by breastfeeding and nothing more.

And still others swear by changing their diet and reverting to clean eating: eating less processed foods, consuming more organic and/or gluten free foods and fatty and reducing o

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ther complex carbohydrates.

To kickstart a new change in habit or to get a little boost, some opt for cleanses and quick fasts.

Our Bellyitch bumpwatch alum Molly Sims recently shared a personal recipe for a soup cleanse that her personal chef Gavan Murphy conjured up for her.

It is not just any soup. The soup is full of vegan ingredients. The former super model says she sips on a full serving about six times a day while detoxing.

“Fasts are believed to get the junk stuck in the body (bad bacteria, mucus, toxins) out of there!” Sims declares on her website. “Fasting and detoxing really is all about improving your health so listen to your body. Yes, you lose water weight but it also gets you started on the right track. So when you fall off, it’s an easy way to get back on board.”

The blogger and author of The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple

advises those who try it to eat more until satisfied.

The weight should peel off because the soup is low in calories and a vegan cleanse avoids high fat ingredients like cream and dairy.

See Sims’ recipe for her Chilled Zucchini Soup on her website HERE!


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