Best Stay (or Work) at Home Mom’s Distraction Activity.


With the kids back to school, stay and work at home moms may get the benefit of getting distraction-free time to get work done around the house or on various work projects.

They will, however, be missing out on the silliness that comes with kids being around.

Fear not, I recently discovered a relatively new app that just picked up in popularity and is similar to the trendy DubSmash lip sync app.

Musical.ly offers quick clips of videos, movie or TV dialogue, musical lyrics set to music that users can lip sync to and create quick cute little videos. They then can share them among friends in other social media platforms or among their app followers.

The makers feature the best vids occasionally and they also invite users to participate in challenges in hopes of becoming featured. It was my guilty pleasure for a while though I’m weaning myself from making vids.

I invite you bored moms (and dads) out there in need of some comic relief during your busy day to download the app and give it a try!

And, inspired by blog trainer, speaker and another entrepreneurial mom Danielle Ford’s compilation, I compiled the best of my Musical.ly videos here:


Here is Danielle Ford’s compilation here:

Give it a try and download the app!

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