Eco-Friday: Why You Need to Reduce the Rinse When Dishwashing

dishwashing reduce

It’s been a while since we brought you an Eco-Friday post with tips on how to lean a greener life. Here are some tips about conserving water while dishwashing.

Consumers often think that investing in new home appliances is one way to save energy, water and money. Newer appliances will run more efficiently simply by being new. Appliances in your hope can help you save the earth, and money on the water bill.

Reducing the rinse is one way to do so. People tend to think that hand-washing and pre-washing are ways to go when it comes to water conservation, but that is quite the opposite. Hand washing alone uses 84% more water than running a load in the dishwasher.

Samsung brings you this infographic on the importance of not washing dishes by hand, pre-rinsing or soaking and other water wasting steps families take that are not eco-friendly.


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