Consider These ‘Good’ Things About Being a Broke Parent 

broke parenr

Are you a broke parent? Barely getting by on a budget? It’s not all bad. 

In fact, blogger Kelly at Almost Frugal blog did an interesting post featuring 6 things that make being broke an awesome thing, especially if you have kids.

My fave two reasons of the six are the last two:

  1. Nor do you have to feel guilty about not buying your kid (or yourself) that latest gadget. Self sacrifice builds character. And we all want our kids to have character, don’t we?
  2. Thrift shops have the best clothes! Who wants to look like your coworker’s clone anyway? This way you get to exercise your personal sense of style, and feel good about all the deals your scoring. Not to mention that the proceeds usually go to charity- what a good deed you’ve done!


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