Get Your Body Back: WIN These $189 Pair of SRC Recovery Shorts


Many women use shapewear to help smooth out bulges under dresses and snug tops, which is fine.

However, after a baby, you’ll need something that does a little more, like actually help you shrink your tummy back to pre-pregnancy shape.

You can do that with the very popular innovative shorts that Australian company SRC Recovery makes.

SRC Recovery shorts are very popular and worn by mothers worldwide to help get back their pre-baby figure faster.

Wear them after birth for 3 months.  They can be worn day and night and are suitable for women who have had vaginal and C-section deliveries.

The patented medical grade compression fabric helps to hold muscles together to promote healing and increase circulation to help your body get rid of excess fluid.


Unlike shapewear which can deactivate the core muscles, making your recovery last longer, the SRC Recovery shorts help to stimulate the muscles and build up core and pelvic floor strength.

If you would like a pair of these miracle shorts, learn more about it by Likeing the @SRCPregnancy Recoveryshorts Facebook page  &  following SRC on Instagram @SRCHEALTH

And now thru next week, you can win your own pair! Contest open worldwide! I mean not just limited to the US and Canada as other contests! Woot!  There are many ways to enter and some each day!

SRC Post-Pregnancy Recovery Shorts ($189 Value)

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