HBD to Motherhood Work/Life Balance Role Model Licia Ronzulli


Happy Belated 39th birthday to Licia Ronzulli, an Italian member of the European Parliament, who is well known for taking her daughter Vittoria to work with her in Parliament sessions beginning in 2010 when Vittoria was just a baby. 



The legislator, born on September 14th, has received several honors and recognitions for being a model of motherhood and work/life balance, exemplifying the notion that, with the right supportive employer, you can have it all. 



Granted, she is in a good powerful position to be able to demand flexibility, as is Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer who built a nursery near her office so she could have her baby next to her while she worked.

But still, the viral and often shared photos of Vittoria growing up in Parliament speaks to how exposure to big moments, events and places can do for a young girl in terms of her realizing there is nothing stopping her once she is determined. 

At 5-years old, Vittoria is unstoppable. 

Happy Birthday, Virgo! 

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