SURVEY: Today’s Moms feel Pressure to Be A Perfect Parent

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Bottle maker Tommee Tippee‘s 2015 #ParentOnSurvey‘s results about the modern Millennial Mom and Parent are in.  Here’s the rundown:

You can run, but you can’t hide…

Although six in 10 moms (59%) report feeling empowered to trust their own parenting instincts, the unsolicited advice keeps coming. In fact, the #ParentOn Poll reports moms received “ridiculous advice” from a stranger (14%), mother-in-law (14%), their own mom (12%) or other family member (25%).  Some of that ridiculous advice?

  • “…If I stood on my head every day, I would have a boy!”
  • “Don’t take the baby out of the house until age 4.”
  • “…Prepare my nipples for nursing by rubbing them with a steel wool pad!!”

So, what DOES mom need?

  • Moms crave shut-eye, with 42% citing “more sleep” as the one thing that would have been most helpful to them as a new parent.
  • Weary moms are also hoping to grow an extra set of hands (13%) and magically acquire telepathic powers to better understand their baby’s needs (13%).

A parenting generation gap

  • More than half of today’s moms (54%) say they feel more pressure to be the perfect parent than their own parents did.
  • Although they’re feeling more pressure, nearly half say they are more prepared than the previous generation (46%) and are having more fun than their parents (48%).

Trust your instincts and #ParentOn

With over 50 years of expertise, Tommee Tippee is best known for its award-winning Closer to Nature® baby bottle design. The company’s mission is simple: to make everyday life easier for families everywhere. This philosophy extends beyond product design with the launch of #ParentOn, a multi-platform conversation where parents can share real parenting moments and find judgement-free support – not more advice.

“At Tommee Tippee, we are championing a new norm – a new way of thinking and talking about parenting. Because you can only do what parents have done since the beginning of time: take a deep breath, trust yourself, and Parent On,” comments Parsons.

This sentiment is the inspiration for Tommee Tippee’s new #ParentOn campaign, a global initiative launching today, which has an ingenious answer to what to do with all that overwhelming advice: http://parent-on.com/#advicewipes.

#ParentOn Poll Methodology

The #ParentOn Poll was conducted by ORC International on behalf of Tommee Tippee. Findings are based on an online survey of 1,000 US mothers of children ages 0-6 during June 2015.

Any surprises? We saw none. This is spot on!

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