Why Kim Kardashian Likely WON’T Give Birth on Christmas

kim and kanye west

The entire Internet seemed to go berserk this afternoon because of a report from TMZ that Kim Kardashian is due on December 25, Christmas Day.

It would be ironic since that is known as the day Jesus was born and one of Kanye West‘s monikers is Yeezus. And its going to be a boy!

I hate to break it to the uninitiated but a due date is but an estimate and most women do not give birth on that date.  Only 1 in 30 women give birth on their actual due date.

WebMD states that a mere 5% of women give birth on their due date.

Unless she plans to schedule a Ceaseran section and purposefully disrupt many nurses and doctor’s Christmas plans, there is no telling when she will have her son.

So calm down. She may, but not likely.


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