This is Happening: People Dressing Their Babies as Bernie Sanders


This is happening: People are dressing their babies as Senator Bernie Sanders who is a Democratic candidate for  US President and it’s hilarious.

Current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proscribed socialist and a bombastic figure, has a huge backing by Progressives in the Democratic Party which includes moms too.

One mom, Ashira Siegel,  couldn’t attend a Sanders really because she has a newborn son. To show her support, alternatively, she posted a photo of said baby with his fist up in the air on a Sanders supporter group called Geeks for Bernie, she told CNN yesterday.

bernie sanders baby ashira

Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter Ashira Siegel’s new born son was photoshopped to look like Bernie. – CNN

A member from that forum offered to Photoshop in some eye glasses and white hair on her photo and tweet it out with the hashtag #BabiesForBernie!

And it took off! By the end of the day dozens of parents of babies had followed suit and dressed their infants and toddlers as the elder statesman known for shouted exclamations and down-to-earth manner.

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h/t CNN

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