Cap Off Busy Weeks with A Friday Family Movie Night

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When the weather turns cold, families have to get creative and find indoor activities for entertainment after school and during weekends. Family game nights are an excellent way to unwind and have fun after homework and dinner and before settling in for the night.

During the weekend, a family movie night is one of the best ways to chill, kick back, and enjoy some downtime after a hectic week.


We love sci-fi, nature, and superhero movies. When we’re not quizzing each other watching a quiz show or catching up on animal stories on a nature channel, we’re catching up on the latest episode of one of our favorite superhero television shows.


But for Friday family movie night, each member of the family gets a turn during the month to select the flick we watch. We all snuggle up under the covers on the sofa in the basement with some popcorn, snacks, and refreshments, including nice, cold Coca-Cola.

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It’s the perfect start to the weekend, and a great way to cap off our usually hectic weeks.

When you add refreshing Coca-Cola to any situation, things go from good to great. Because when you add a little delicious Coca-Cola, it all adds up to memories.


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