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For Real this Time: Disney Introduces Its First 100% Latina Princess (TRAILER)


Disney’s first Latina princess is here and so is the trailer to the television series she stars in: Elena of Avalor.

Princess Elena Castillo Flores is empowered, a skilled sword fighter and is set to gain political control over her kingdom. No, she is not the typical damsel in distress princesses of yesteryear who waited in a tower to be rescued by Prince Charming. (No offense Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White). Really, ever since Brave, princesses haven’t been the same [See Brave‘s Merida, Rapunzel and Frozen‘s Anna] (smile)

On the cusp of ascending to the throne as Queen, Elena, the rebel does the dirty work to protect her land. She’s pretty bad a*#@!

Yeah, we said it!

Elena will be voiced by actress Aimee Carrero (Young & Hungry), who was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic before moving to Miami, Florida.

aimee carrero
Unlike other Disney Princesses introduced in a motion picture, Elena of Avalor is a TV series which starts July 22nd.

And unlike “Sofia the First“, Disney’s first attempt at a Latina princess before facing backlash that she was too white, Elena is 100% Latina and has deep olive skin tone, and is not of mixed heritage as Disney was forced to reveal about Sofia amid the firestorm. (Read about that controversy HERE)

Others lending their voice include: Jenny Ortega (Jane the Virgin); Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live); Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Carlos Alazraqui (Disney Junior’s Sheriff Callie’s Wild Wese), Emiliano Diez (George Lopez) and more.

Watch the trailer here:


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by Monica Marino at Mode

After Having a Miscarriage, a Woman is Changed


Miscarriage is still a taboo not often talked about. It occurs more often than many would believe, yet women usually keep it a secret from family and friends. It certainly taints and colors your journey to motherhood, whether it happened in the early weeks or mid term. You earnestly will never be the same, especially if you were planning for the baby you lost.

Mode writer Samantha Collins recently suffered a miscarriage in November 2015 yet was able to conceive again and is due this October. But she is aware that she is more cautious about sharing the news given her loss. She has put together a great roundup of stories that discuss how miscarriage changes women.

photo credit: Kyle Awoyesuku/Picnoi

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by Samantha Collins at Mode

Celebs Who’ve Gotten Backlash over Their Parenting Skills

jada and willow

Parenting is hard. We all make mistakes.

Fortunately, we can learn from them, adjust and move on.  Imagine if you are a parent and also a celebrity. Your mistakes can turn into a public firestorm. In this era of social media, everyone shares everything with everyone. And then, celebs are papparazi magnets. Before they know it, a wayward teen’s IG share or a photog in the bushes can land them in a bunch of hot water.

I blogged about celebs whose parenting skills have been criticized. Mode followed up with a few more. Check it out:

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by dailystab at Mode

Let’s Take a Look at the Badass Moms in Hollywood Movie History

movie mom

Moms, in general, have a pretty good reputation for being nurturers, kind and giving. But…moms can also be pretty stern and aggressive and tough, especially when it comes to defending their kids and family. On TV and the big screen it isn’t different. Take a walk with us as we explore some of the most versatile and un-mom like moms in Hollywood history.

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by Tend Editor at Mode

Don’t You Just Love the ‘Real Moms’ of Instagram?

real moms

If you get caught up in the beautiful, well-curated, and pretty images that some mothers present on social media,  you may lose your marbles comparing your not-so-perfect life with theirs. It will never measure up of course. But that’s okay.

For this reason, we appreciate moms who keep it all the way real by posting the highs and lows, the ups and downs of life as a mom. Cheers to them.

Monica Marino at Mode.com did a roundup:

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by Monica Marino at Mode

Cap Off Busy Weeks with A Friday Family Movie Night

This Post is Sponsored by Coca-Cola

addallittlecoke bellyitchblog.com

When the weather turns cold, families have to get creative and find indoor activities for entertainment after school and during weekends. Family game nights are an excellent way to unwind and have fun after homework and dinner and before settling in for the night.

During the weekend, a family movie night is one of the best ways to chill, kick back, and enjoy some downtime after a hectic week.


We love sci-fi, nature, and superhero movies. When we’re not quizzing each other watching a quiz show or catching up on animal stories on a nature channel, we’re catching up on the latest episode of one of our favorite superhero television shows.


But for Friday family movie night, each member of the family gets a turn during the month to select the flick we watch. We all snuggle up under the covers on the sofa in the basement with some popcorn, snacks, and refreshments, including nice, cold Coca-Cola.

coca cola11

It’s the perfect start to the weekend, and a great way to cap off our usually hectic weeks.

When you add refreshing Coca-Cola to any situation, things go from good to great. Because when you add a little delicious Coca-Cola, it all adds up to memories.


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