Ivanka Trump is Not here for the Anti-Donald Trump Trolls on Her Social Media

Ivanka trump

While businesswoman Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner await the birth of their third child, the very busy blonde has also had to deal with plenty of hate comments left on her social media posts.

Each entry she uploads on Instagram or Twitter has a comment section littered with remarks from detractors of her father, Donald Trump, who is running for president and doing so in a very bombastic style that includes making some pretty unconventional and out-of-this-world controversial statements that have been called xenophobic (calling for banning all members of one religion from entering the country despite the First Amendment Freedom of Religion clause of the Bill of Rights) and racist (calling Mexican immigrants to the US rapists); and raking some actions that serve to scapegoat and demonize the 14 million Black Americans living in the US  (like recklessly tweeting a racist graphic created by a Neo-Nazi with made up stats from a non-existing entity which wrongly blames blacks for 97% of the murder of Whites when the actual FBI account has it at 14% and shows that 83% of Whites are killed by other Whites).  

Clearly, even though she is the Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition of The Trump Organization, does not mean she would necessarily endorse his statements and thinking.  

The reality tv Star of The Apprentice has been silent on them altogether. She did appear briefly on Saturday Night Live with him when he hosted despite the objections of Latino protesters.

But of course she will support her own father. What’s the deal asking her to speak out against him? That’s not what she’s here for and she is not a politician.

Baby bump and me out on the town! #PlusOne

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