These 15 Blogs Will Help You Keep Your Christmas Spending in Check

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Even though things are looking up in the economy, for the most part, families are still struggling this Holiday season. Getting through Christmas will be easier if you create a budget and stick to it. Here are a small sampling of articles from the web from a list NannyPro comprised that will help parents deal with creating and sticking to a holiday budget, discouraging excessive materialism in their kids and learn how to say no to family members and kids in a constructive way..
Few things are responsible for as much holiday tension as the looming specter of financial strain. Purchasing gifts for everyone on your list and ensuring that little ones have a memorable season can leave families struggling with debt well into the New Year. These five blogs discuss the importance of budgeting for the entire Christmas holiday, from how much you can afford to spend on dinner to how many toys you can buy.
Discouraging Materialistic Attitudes
There’s no denying the fact that today’s kids are targets of more aggressive marketing than perhaps any generation before them. Helping your kids overcome a sense of entitlement and a commercially-fueled view of the winter holidays isn’t easy, by any means. It is necessary, however, to ensure that everyone in your household has the best holiday possible. The subjects of these five blogs center on the difficult  necessity of curbing commercially-driven attitudes during the Christmas season.
The Art of Saying “No”
No one likes to tell a child, family member or loved one “no.” There are times, especially during the Christmas holidays, however, when it’s absolutely necessary to learn how to gracefully decline invitations and tell your children that they simply cannot always have their way. These five blogs discuss the best ways to politely refuse while still holding on to your dignity without offending others.
•           Saying No to Family and Friends
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