US Cities Holiday Spending Budget Survey: Palo Alto residents spend $2.8k, Albany, GA just $68

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This year, Americans spent $10.4 billion on Black Friday 2015 with $4.45 billion coming from record online sales.

You best believe, a third of consumers went over their budgets, according to personal finance WalletHub which conducted an in-depth analysis to determine 2015’s Holiday Budgets by City.

Using data from several sources, including WalletHub partner TransUnion, the site calculated the maximum holiday budgets for the consumers in each of 563 U.S. cities

Here are the top 10 and bottom 10 budgets.


1. Palo Alto, CA ($2,886)

2. Flower Mound, TX ($2,624)

3. Frisco, TX ($2,444)

4. Sugar Land, TX ($2,422)

5. Carmel, IN ($2,258)

6. Ellicott City, MD ($2,227)

7. Allen, TX ($2,186) 560

8. Pearland, TX ($2,162)

9.The Woodlands, TX ($2,158)

10. League City, TX ($2,112)


1. 554 Kissimmee, FL ($209)

2. 555 Lowell, MA ($193)

3. 556 New Orleans, LA ($190)

4. 557 Waco, TX ($142)

5. 558 Brockton, MA ($122)

6. 559 Kalamazoo, MI ($104)

7. 560 New Bedford, MA ($98)

8. 561 Memphis, TN ($98)

9. 562 Knoxville, TN ($81)

10. 563 Albany, GA ($68)

Key Stats

The ratio of debt to income in Menifee, Calif., is six times higher than in Camden, N.J.

The ratio of expenses to income in Albany, Ga., is two times higher than in Flower Mound, Texas.

The ratio of savings to income in Jackson, Miss., is two times higher than in Anchorage, Alaska.

The ratio of savings to monthly expenses (a measure of emergency fund preparedness) in Carmel, Ind., is two times higher than in Baltimore, Md.

For the full report, go HERE!

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