Chrissy Teigen Wants Y’all to Quit Sending Her Photo of that Viral John Legend Look-A-Like Baby

teigen legend
Chrissy Teigen is tired. Tired of y’all sending her that viral photo of somebody’s baby who looks like John Legend! Cut it out. Here, let Chrissy tell you herself:


The baby, then 4-months old, is named Camden. Last April, 2014, on Easter Sunday April 20, his aunt Rachel Ayanaw tweeted an adorable photo of her sweet nephew.

“My nephew looks like John Legend lol,” she wrote in the post alongside a pic of Caden strapped into a car seat, US Weekly reported. Legend found it cute and tweeted out his own baby photo which another fan did a side-by-side graphic on April 21….and since then, Camden has become an Internet Legend.

 And we mean there have been plenty of memes and graphics of this kid. Here is our Fave:

legend baby

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