Dads Doing their Daughter’s Hair is a Trending Thing

dads doing daughters hair

Daddy doing daughter’s hair is a trending thing in social and traditional media…and now with Patene’s Super Bowl ads, in advertising.

Pantene tapped into the recent viral obsession of dads doing their daughters hair when it showed a series of ads featuring NFL players doing (or trying to do) the hair of their daughters. It was part of the hair products company’s “Strong is Beautiful” campaign and was super cute!

I recall back in the fall of 2014 there was this stay-at-home dad who shared a photo of himself doing one daughter’s while attachment parent carrying his infant daughter in a front sling.  He got a mix of positive and hate messages reacting to a viral photo of himself doing one daughter’s hair while attachment parenting carrying another on his chest. The negative comments prompted the dad, Doyin Richards, to pen a piece in the Good Dads Project, “I Have a Dream: That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It’s a Big Deal.”

Well it is more and more common nowadays.

Last October, there was much buzz surrounding a Florida dad’s hair styling salon for single dads.

Earlier in the Summer, there was press coverage of Denver dads taking a hair styling class to teach them how to style their daughters’ hair. For $55 for a one hour session, a dad was allowed to bring as many daughters as he wanted to the class.

Since, there have been a bunch of hair salons that have started offering hair styling classes for dads. Nice!

Here are the Pantene spots

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