Celebs are Like Us: They Pump-and-Dump in Bathrooms too

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So A-List celebrities and the moms of tinsel town have the same inconvenience as other breastfeeding mom who leave their babies home during a night on the town. That dreaded pump and dump in the restroom!

During an interview with Best Supporting Actor nominee Tom Hardy, he told the interviewer that he was waiting for his wife Charlotte Riley to finishing breast pumping in the bathroom.

“She has to do it every hour,” he shared. Riley welcomed the couple’s first child last October 2015.

Phew! Don’t we know it…the pain of having to relieve achy boobs full of breast milk.

I had the fortune of attending the BET Awards in California the summer after having my last child and I too spent an unfortunate amount of time in the bathroom at Shrine Auditorium back in 2008.It was really disgusting and demoralizing experience. One, for having to waste all that liquid gold but second, because you’re pumping in a germ-filled bathroom! ick!

Phew! Glad to be able to confess that and realize I, and Tom Hardy’s wife, aren’t the only ones.

In a 2015 interview with the The Guardian newspaper, musical phenom Adele said during her whirlwind Award show year after she welcomed her first child, she was in line with a bunch of other Hollywood stars waiting to pump in the bathroom.

““Running to the toilet, between awards, to pump-and-dump,” the multi-platinum selling artist said. “Which loads of people were doing, by the way. All these Hollywood superstars, lined up and breastfeeding in the ladies. No, I can’t say who. Because I saw their tits.”

ha! Gotta Love Adele for keepin’ it real.

h/t I am Not the Babysitter



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