Clean Up Your Closet & Save with These 5 Consignment Tips


Kids consignment is increasingly becoming a popular thing in recent years. Are you considering engaging in kids consignment sales?

The amount of money you bring home can be awesome  if you do it right. It isn’t just about getting rid of clothes, shoes and items that your child or children have outgrown. It’s getting a little cash and helping others save money with purchasing your items.

You should  focus on making the most money out of everything consignment. You never know the bins, boxes and the numerous bags of baby clothes in your basement or attic could be a goldmine. Use the following helpful tips to bring home more consignor money.

When you are buying, think about selling

This might sound weird to you. The process of making money on kids consignment begins long before they actually outgrow their clothes. If you really want to bring home big bucks, have a consignment in mind when buying new outfits. For instance, you may decide to buy high-end brands during a sale at a major department store. So in thinking of reselling them, they will bring in a better return. Everyone Loves name brand Clothing!

Take care of your kids clothes

The manner in which you handle your kids clothing is of utmost importance. While you cannot prevent rips and stains on the clothes of your children, follow the washing instructions provided and always treat stains. If you manage to keep the clothes in the best condition, they will be purchased even at a lesser price. Selling all your items may be better than selling a few.


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