Gwen Stefani’s April Fool’s Joke backfired Big Time!


Gwen Stefani is getting a lot of heat over her April Fool’s joke yesterday. Given all the constant speculation about her possibly being pregnant (or wanting to be) with her current beau Blake Shelton, she posted a photo of an ultrasound on her Instagram  with the caption, “It’s a girl.”

The comments were peppered with criticism, mainly from women who are infertile or who have experienced child loss and didn’t find it funny.

One commenter with the handle bankstonlife wrote about Stefani’s joke, “Respect lost, obviously the completely clueless people on here have never lost a child!! Joking about a pregnancy when soooo many have suffered a loss during pregnancy is insensitive!!!”

It’s a very sensitive issue indeed. There were several others too leaving similar responses.

It’s a girl ❤️?❤️gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

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