Antonio Cromartie welcomes Twins Jynx and J’adore, His 11th and 12th Children


Congratulations to ex New Jersey Jets player Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka Cason Cromartie on the birth of their twins this past Sunday, May 8th, 2016.

Keeping with the theme of giving their children names that start with the letter “J”. The couple decided to name their new daughter J’adore Nayvi and son Jynx Jevell.

We suppose the name Jynx is a derivative of the common pop culture reference to say “jinx” when you and another person say (or type) the same thing at the same time. The second baby would be the jinx? shrug Who knows. The different spelling makes that name quite unique and a stand-out as well.

This is Cromartie’s 11th and 12th child. They share a son, 3-year old son Jagger and daughter, 5-year old Jurzie. And Terricka has a daughter named Jordynn (another spin on the name commonly spelled Jordan).

They announced the twin pregnancy earlier this year. It is being called a miracle pregnancy because Antonio reportedly had a vasectomy in 2011, Terricka told US Weekly they didn’t use protection because they assumed the vasectomy worked.

According to WebMD, a vasectomy is an 99.85% effective birth control method. Only one to two women out of 1,000 will have an unplanned pregnancy in the first year after their partner has had a vasectomy, the site said.

Congrats on the miracle babies and welcome Jynx and J’adore!!


You are Beautiful J’adore in every single way @jadorenayvi ?

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God blessed me with another Boy ????: Jynx mommy loves you @jynxrevell ?

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