CDC: Men, No Sex for 6 Months if You Travel to Zika-Effected Region


Today, we’ve learned that the star player for the NBA‘s Golden State Warrior basketball team, Steph Curry, has decided to skip Summer’s Rio Olympics in order to let his injured knee heel properly in between seasons, ESPN reports.

Speculators believe he is also fearful of contracting Zika, a disease which results in flu-like symptoms to adult carriers but is sexually transmitted and can result in birth defects to an incubating fetus.

Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry have a wonderful franchise of their own in their adorable daughters Riley and Ryan Curry. If they were to accidentally build on #TeamCurry, they’d be risking the next member being negatively effected by Zika.

Also…here is another reason that married and/or sexually active speculators need to consider: the Centers for Disease Control recommends that men who travel to Zika-effected regions to abstain from sex or use condoms for six months after leaving the region if they start exhibiting symptoms of the disease.

SIX MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!? Whoa baby!

That’s right, the unknown nature of this virus has caused the agency to go even further given that symptoms may not show up immediately.  It is recommended that men abstain altogether whether or not they have a positive test.

Well…there’s some motivation right there to keep some married men with wives of child-bearing age away, huh? (wink)

Of the 273 confirmed Zika cases on the U.S. mainland, 9 involve pregnant women. Six of those cases were transmitted sexually, the CDC said.


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