No Disney for You! UK Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Travel to Florida

mosquito zika

British Health Officials Suggest pregnant women consider postponing non-essential trips to the US state of Florida, amid concerns over the Zika virus.

The UK is advising British women to avoid traveling to Florida after news of four confirmed cases of the Zika virus were released.

The country’s Public Health England updated its travel advice warning expectant mothers postpone non-essential trips to the US state of Florida. Before recently, US cases were only found with people who had traveled abroad but these new cases are from mosquitoes carrying the virus are native to a small section of south Florida.

The US Center for Disease Control does not expect a widespread outbreak of Zika in the country, but says it is preparing for small clusters of infections.

Florida has announced more aggressive mosquito-control efforts, and politicians are keen to assure tourists the state is safe to visit.

Paul Cosford, medical director and director of health protection at Public Health England, said Public Health England was monitoring the international situation closely.

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