Man ‘Low-Key’ Plays Pokémon Go While Wife is In Labor

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Pokémon Go is addictive for adults, including men whose wives are in labor at the hospital. Last month, dad-to-be Jonathan Theriot screenshot a Pokémon sighting by his wife Jessica who was in labor at the time awaiting a C-section delivery.

He shared the screenshot on Imgur with the caption, “When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokemon shows up and you have to low-key catch it…”

If you haven’t heard the online buzz surrounding the release of Pokémon Go, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past week.

This popular smartphone app, created by the makers of Nintendo Gaming systems, blends a fictional virtual world with real life. The goal is to catch as many different Pokémon as you can by literally walking around with a Google Maps-esque screen as your guide. The creators plant the creatures that originated in an s Japanese cartoon that was wildly popular in the US in the 1990s.

The game has been the subject of many news stories including stories of a guy getting caught cheating by his girlfriend, a guy who quit his job as a bartender to catch them all, people falling off of cliffs and getting shot while playing the game in people’s yards and being charged with trespassing on zoo grounds while playing. The game is also being used by thieves to rob victims playing the game and not paying attention of their surroundings.

The game has positive benefits as many parents report that their children now want to go for long walks. In order to make a Poke egg hatch, you have to walk it. One guy reported losing weight playing it and a shut in finally got outside because he had to in order to play the game. A couple of marines playing the game noticed a suspicious guy while playing and helped detain the man until police arrived.

Meanwhile, several national monuments, museums and landmarks like The Arlington Cemetery, The National Holocaust Museum and the Auschwitz Museum have asked people to not play the game in their locale.

This week, Niantic, the division that makes the game said it will start removing historic places from the game to discourage people from being disrespectful.

And now, The Theriots’ baby, a third daughter, Ireland Sage Theriot, was born later that morning of the photo.



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