NBA Finals: 5 Dad Moments Happened During The Series

nba moments collage

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for coming from behind 3-1 in a 7-game NBA Finals series to win. It happened on Father’s Day. Throughout the season there have been emotional moments related to dads.

1.  Today, most people are talking about J.R. Smith, known as a bad boy in the NBA, who cried while giving an emotional tribute to his parents. After the tear-filled remarks before the NBA press corp, Smith rose and gave his dad a heartfelt hug.

I cried. He got a standing ovation. It was moving.

2. In a more funny interview, an on-the-court correspondent asked Smith’s daughter, Demi, if she is happy to see his dad play in the finals. She said, “I’m just proud of him because he made the championship without getting kicked off the team.” It’s hilarious because Smith had been kicked off of several teams before and his daughter was just keeping it real.

3. Steph Curry is known for taking his daughter Riley to the post-game press conference and we saw game MVP LeBron James adorable youngest child, 18-month old daughter Zhurie, in his arms during his interview. She is soo cute. His wife Savannah Brinson James welcomed her in October 2014.

4. On a down note, Steph Curry reported that his dad was detained by police in Cleveland before game 6 and mistaken for a con-man and not let into the stadium on suspicion that he stole his backstage access.


5. Also, prior to game 7, Mychal Thompson expressed to ESPN that he feared LeBron James would rob his son Klay Thompson of experiencing his first NBA finals similar to how Mychal did while a champion with the L.A. Lakers in the 90s. Well… we know how that ended. 😮

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