Study: Parents Will Move and Pay Higher Rent to Be Near Good Schools


All around the nation, there are certain pubic school districts known for their academics, sports programs, curriculum, and other amenities. Parents are usually willing to pay higher rent or mortgage to live close enough to the best schools so their children can get the best possible education. Look for Guardian Housing near your dream school if you can’t find any affordable properties in the area.

We know from personal experiences that some people even use the address of friends and relatives in order to register their children in those top notch schools. The practice of moving close to quality schools is not new.

RentCafe.com did a study with the local Los Angeles school district which confirmed this ritual. The site wanted to see how much more parents have to pay to live near the best schools in Los Angeles. Here is a summary of what they found:

  • Rents near top-ranking public schools in L.A. are 38% higher than near low-ranking schools
  • Home prices near top-ranking public schools are 185% higher than near low-ranking schools
  • Only 12% of public elementary schools in L.A. perform above average

Curious?  Get the full story.

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