Review: Lucky & Me Bike Shorts & Undergarments are Great For Active Girls


Young active little girls who are frequently in dresses need comfy, fit and breathable undergarments to wear under their uniforms and dresses while on the playground. Lucky & Me, makers of girls and boys underwear, have them covered with its Jada Bike Shorts.

The tri-blend fabric is made of cotton, modal and spandex and has a beautiful lace trim around the thigh. The company sent my daughter some of the shorts and a collection of their Ava Girls Bikini cotton with lace trim and rosettes briefs to test out. GG’s part “tomboy” and part “girly girl” and she liked the little flowers that appear as a signature item on each brief and pair of shorts.

gg active

My daughter GG is active in several school and recreational team sports year round: cross country long distance running, soccer, gymnastics, track & field and swimming.

My 8-year old is very active in sports and generally, and has been since she was a baby when we enrolled her in gymnastics at one year old.


My daughter GG took gymnastics when she was two years old

She is enrolled in several team sports year round: Cross country, Soccer, Track and Field and Swimming. Also, in school, she wears a uniform which requires her to wear undershorts when on the playground.


GG is part girly girl, but because she has two older brothers, she is quite active and is also a bit of a ‘tomboy’.

From GG’s experience, the shorts didn’t rise up though they were longer than her dress so we had to hike them up a bit. But the underwear were lovely and not tight so they didn’t restrict her circulation. We loved the variety of colors. The shorts retain their shaped after washing. They sell in packs of three for $25 and in sizes 2 to 10. The Ava undies come in packs of 6 for about $32.00 but they are superior quality and long-lasting so they’re worth it as well.

Whether doing cartwheels on the playground or wearing a sports skort or shorts during practice or play, the products from Lucky & Me worked perfectly to provide comfort and security.

For boys, Lucky & Me sells boxer shorts or boxer briefs and also an organic cotton line version of the line in its  Grayson and Lily collections.

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