VIRAL: Super Fast 9-year old Saves Infant Brother from Dangerous Fall

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A viral video shows a nine-year-old boy from Florida catching his infant brother from a fall after he rolled off a changing table.

The video, although taken on September 29 was posted to social media only last week by the boys’ mother, Tila Levi, because she was initially embarrassed about the incident.

Levi had just changed her 11-month-old son Eitan’s diaper and got distracted when her six-year-old asked a question about homework. Although Eitan was originally on his back, he started to roll over when Levi turned around. In the video, one of his legs can be seen dangling over the edge of the table before falling off the changing table.

However, just before Eitan hit the floor, his nine-year-old brother, Joseph dove in the nick of time to catch him. Although  Eitan’s legs hit the floor, Joseph was able to grab his upper body and prevent Eitan’s head from hitting the floor.

Baby Eitan is doing fine, according to Levi, adding that Joseph told her he was surprised he was able to catch the baby, as he weighs 30 pounds and can barely lift him.

What’s more, Levi said that Joseph wasn’t even in the room at the time of the fall—he just happened to walk past the room when he saw Eitan falling. Joseph later told his mother that he felt “an angel pushed” him since he doesn’t think he could have rescued his brother on his own.

“We all experience miracles every day,” she said. “My baby had an angel by his side..thank God it was a happy ending.”

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