This Gamesir Controller turns your Android Phone into a Joystick, WIN IT (Bellyitch Fave Thing)


We are in day 4 of the Bellyitch’s Favorite Things annual holiday giveaway!

Today, we’re exploring a gamer’s wishlist item: an awesome game controller that can be used on the PC or an android phone and is compatible with many PC based games currently on the market!



My 14-year old son is a major gamer. In fact, he plans to build his own computer so he can game with speed and ease. Ordinarily, I’d frown on that because he should be focusing on his academics but the geek in me is excited over the idea of the boy building his own desktop from the ground up.

Anyway…I digress.

Until that happens, this Gamesir Gamepad multi-platform bluetooth portable game controller that I became aware of recently is perfect!  Apparently, it allows for the real gaming experience from his android device and a desktop.

All of the Gamesir controllers have an ergonomic rubberized handle which is good for getting a good grip  and it vibrates to coincide with active movement in the game. To connect, use Bluetooth to pair your phone with the controller, then plug into your phone and go! They come with an  LED light so the user can see the controls when gaming in dark rooms like basements. The makers claim 30+ hours of battery life in their latest controller, the M2, before needing to be recharged and to be supported by a number of existing games on the market.

I have NOT tested out this controller or any of them yet so I cannot vouch for any of the claims by the manufactureres, but there have been plenty of reviews you can find here for all their controllers.

The makers, GameSir are in Hong Kong and since being founded, they have grown and branded out and now service more than two million users worldwide including in China, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, the UK and France as well as America so the contest to get this controller is international! Worldwide baby! Enter Below to win an earlier generation GameSir G3s:

GameSir G3s Bluetooth Wireless Controller ($99)

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