Here are 111 Benefits to Breastfeeding (INFOGRAPHIC)


It is an undisputed fact that breast milk is best for baby. In the mommy wars, we often see battles about how best to raise a child and parent a newborn that turn ugly. Formula fed children do well as well and a lot of us were formula fed as babies and turned out fine. A lot of moms, for various reasons, so not breastfeed for personal reasons.

Some are not comfortable breastfeeding perhaps because of a past of mental anguish from sexual abuse, or have low milk supply or simply lack of support at work and home. But for those who are not hampered by these impediments, knowing the overwhelming benefits may sway their decision to nurse their newborns.

Here are 111, precisely, that our friends at Mom Loves Best asked us to share with you all.

The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding by MomLovesBest.com

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