Let Geri Horner Explain How PreNatal Yoga Can Help Get Thru Pregnancy


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Before giving birth to her second child, British singer and former “Spice Girl” band member Geri  Horner (nee Halliwell) did an interview where she offered some insights into how pre-natal Yoga helped the 44-year old get through her pregnancy. Here is an excerpt:

The pregnancy yoga pose I did on Instagram recently, above, may have looked extreme but I did work up to it! And I had assistance. I would only suggest you do that if you are with someone who is qualified to help you into that pose. I am quite little — only 5ft 2in — so it really helped to lift and open my back to create space in my torso for the baby. During pregnancy there is more compression in your body, you get that feeling that your lungs and digestive system are getting squashed by the baby.

I have done yoga on and off for the past 18 years and tried many different forms of it. In my twenties I would binge on it, doing it every day. But now I am just not interested in those faddish types such as power yoga. I am interested in something that is much more manageable and has longevity. Iyengar is a back-to-basics type of yoga that is a form of hatha.

It’s about being really kind to your body. It’s not about being a perfect skinny-minnie — as my teacher always says. I only do it for an hour a couple of times a week but my body loves it. Iyengar is all about restoration rather than going for that superficial quick-fit burn. You don’t feel as if you are breaking into a sweat or straining but afterwards I feel very uplifted and strengthened by it. It’s not draining.

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Preggie yoga ?

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A photo posted by Geri Horner (@therealgerihalliwell) on

We usually like to showcase celebrity baby showers but missed this one. Here is a photo from the event that Halliwell shared on her Instagram page:

My lovely friend Yassmin threw me a Baby shower xx ?

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