This Desktop App Lets You Control Your Kids’ Screentime

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Screen time just got easier with a new social information sharing platform for parents that allows them to select appropriate content for their children to see while their online.

Smartfeed is a relatively new desktop interface that allows users to search over 27,000 movies, TV shows, apps and books and curate them all on one profile for each child. Parents can also select from among recommendations left by Smartfeed’s staff of educational professionals.

Here is an example of the categories:

Users can filter by source – Netflix, Xfinity, Apple and more. The social part comes into play when users share titles and playlists with another.

Also, the lists/profile you make for each kid makes it easier for your sitter, your in-laws or your child’s playdate to know what’s cool to play for screen time when a parent is away.


To start, select specific characteristics, likes and interest of a child and the algorithm does its magic and presents a series of recommendations for you. If you want, you can click a link and be taken to one external site to order the video, app, book or movie.

I’ve already set up a profile for one of my kids and will finish off with the other two.

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