Alison Wong’s ‘New Mom Comics’ Is Now a Published Book!


I just discovered Alison Wong‘s comic strip series, New Mom Comics when it was fairly new last summer and I also just discovered that she has just released them in a new published book!

When I first saw the hilarious chronicles of the VERY RELATABLE look at the real life up and downs, joys and funny neurotic moments of life as a first time new mom, I was instantly hooked. Now you can get them all for $17.95 over at Amazon.com in her new book, “New Mom Comics: The First Year.”


Wong and her husband are parents to a one year old son and the illustrator genius said in the caption of one of her strips that she uses the comics to help her stay connected to those first tender months of her son’s life.

new mom1

And they grew fast in popularity because of how on point they are. Here are 10 of my faves! I recommend “liking” her Facebook page or subscribing to her blog so you can get updates when she posts a new strip! I did!

new mom9
new mom8
new mom7
new mom6

new mom10
new mom5
new mom4

new mom2

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