Three Things For Kids I am Really Digging Right Now!

I was telling a friend today that I am in constant awe of all of the new inventive contraptions and inventions that are available to modern parents

I receive tons of email informing me of all the great new products on shelves and services.

Here are just three I’m digging:



The fact that Epic, the proverbial “Netflix of Children’s Books” is offering two months free of their services to celebrate the month of love & friendship.

For like $5 a month, your kid gets access to thousands of children’s titles they can access on a tablet, computer or some other mobile device.



These slap watches with a variety of fun collectible designs by Watchitude.

Because they go on like a slap bracelet, your little time-teller from age 4 to 12 doesn’t have to worry about buckles and adjusting straps for their tiny wrists. My 9 and 11 year old tried a donut and water-designed watches and loved them!

They are water resistant, splash proof, withstands rain, sweat and splashing and starting around $21, you cannot beat the price!



In these hectic times, helping kids adjust and cope with life and given that 95% of our behavioral patterns are established by age 6, it’s essential that we start molding kids from a young age

Couple this with the fact that we all experience with rudeness, road rage, bullying, angry airplane passengers, and insults to people of differing views – it’s clear we need to start early to regain our nation’s values and civility.

To make changes, we must teach our children, and brain science tells us that the best time to teach children is from birth to age seven — or even in utero, since babies recognize words, sounds and feelings while in the womb.

There’s a new series of cute board books featuring easy-to-remember rhymes for little ones featuring Max, his little sister Molly and other adorable animal characters.

Written by Todd and Jackie Courtney to create a positive belief system and positive self-image, they even call the books “self-help books for toddlers!”

I checked out “Be Responsibile like Max” and am loving it. I plan to gift it to a special little kid I know.

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