10 Songs Dedicated to Single Moms That Will Make You Cry

 I am absolutely in love with the new Clean Bandit song featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie called “Rockabye“. The song and the accompanying relatively recently released music video for the song are about a single mother who does what she has to raise her child.

The lyrics are poetic:

She works the night, by the water

She’s gonna stress, so far away from her father’s daughter

She just wants a life for her baby

All on her own, no one will come

She’s got to save him (daily struggle)

She tells him “ooh love”

No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love

I’m gonna give you all of my love

Nobody matters like you (stay up there, stay up there)

She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life (straight)

You’re gonna grow and have a good life

I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do” (stay up there, stay up there)

So, rockabye…

Side note: I also think Ann-Marie resembles Khloe Kardashian with that cleft in her chin.

This song ranks up high with other songs that people often dedicate to their mom who raised them solo without much or any help from dad either because of abandonment, divorce or death.

This post features 10 songs including Rockabye that I think represent the sacrifice of strong and supportive single moms who overcome it all  to do right by their kid or children.




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