A Breastfeeding Emoji is Among This Year’s New Emojis


Last April, Hello Giggles had a playful post about emojis we wish existed which included a breastfeeding emoji and it looks like the folks at the Unicode Consortium — the governing body of all things emoji — listened.


The body released a new set of of pictographs and including among a new breastfeeding emoji for all skin tones, a woman wearing a hijab, and hopping on the beard trend is a man with a beard, New York Post reports. 

The Emoji 5.0 also includes some new emotions such as a vomiting face, a cursing face, a face blowing its top off, a face with stars for eyes, and a face with a monocle.


And there is the odd. Not certain when the occasion will arise to use the  steamy room emoji or curling stone emoji but, okay. Sure, add it in. The rock climbing culture is big so that makes sense emoji.

Enjoy peeps and moms-to-be and nursing moms!




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