Cindy Crawford gifts George Clooney Cheeky Onesies for the Twins

George Clooney is getting ready for fatherhood…well at least his babies are got a few onesies to start them off.

A few days before his birthday, the movie star’s business partner (and Cindy Crawford‘s hubby) Rande Gerber posted on his Instagram a photo of Clooney with a pair of onesies he gifted his friend.


They featured the name of the duo’s Tequila company Casamigos. One said “Casa” and the other Migos, the two parts of their tequila company.

The gift was a prank off of a comment the director made during a recent interview when he expressed that his wife won’t let him name the kids Casa and Migos after the company. But Clooned decided to repurpose the clothing since the babies with his wife Amal Clooney won’t arrive until this summer.

“When you send your friend onesies and he thinks they’re @casamigos coozies. #firsttimedad,” Gerber wrote alongside the hilarious moment.


Crawford got into the fun sharing her own photo of the onesies in a tweet to her husband, telling him the onesies are the perfect gift ? .

photo: Instagram

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